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How To Boost Internet File Downloads?

How To Boost Internet File Downloads?

Step 1: Download a "Internet Download Managing" software,
such as Download Accelerator.
| Download |

Step 2 : Then install it.

Step 3 : Now you can download any file,
the software will automatically boost the download speed.

Wanna Learn Visual Basic ? [Beginners Guide]

Everything you ever wanted to learn in Visual Basic is here !
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BEST Wallpapers [Prison Break/24 Hours/Linux/etc]

My wallpapers!

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How To Boost Torrent Download Speed?

How To Boost Torrent Download Speed?

Step 1:Download Bitcomet.
| Download |
Bitcomet is faster than utorrent.

Step 2:Then Download this Patch & Install it.
| Download |

Step 3:Then open Bitcomet Go to Tools>Options>Then Select TCP/IP Limit>
& set New Half-Open Limit to 50.
Select OK.

Step 4:Restart the computer,Open Bitcomet patch ,Select the network card "you use" to connect to the internet& click Accelerate.

Step 5: Add a file to download in Bit comet...then minimize it & wait!

If it shows the same download speed / download time as before ! Don't worry...
If it takes 5 hours to download a movie...after the above method it will take 3-4 hours!!

Questions? Drop a mail> c.cyberx [at] yahoo [dot] com

What Is An IRC ! [Beginner guide]

What Is An IRC ?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.
IRC is a form of internet chat.In IRC chat ,the chat rooms are called channels.There are thousands of IRC channels...
The channels are identified by different names.
Eg: #linux

How can i log in to IRC?
To log in to an IRC channel you must use a tool (Windows)
like mIRC .

Download mIRC?

More Info:

Firefox Best Themes

Download | Gradient iCool Latest

Download | Aquatint Black Gloss Latest

Download | In The Dark Latest

How to install Firefox themes?

Step 1: Click "Download", in the theme you like.
Eg-"Download | In The Dark Latest",
click the word Download.

Step 2: Then you will be directed to Firefox Add-ons web page.
then click "Add to Firefox".

Step 3: Then a small window will pop up, click Install .

Step 4: Close Firefox ,& open it again.

Theme is now installed.

Any Questions?
Drop me a mail : c.cyberx [at] yahoo [dot] com

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Arecibo Observatory


Arecibo Observatory

This is a big antenna which is placed in Puerto Rico ,in the purpose of listening/capturing radio signals which are released from far reaches of space.(beyond our solar system)
Hoping for an massage from another technologically mature extraterrestrial life form.

Antenna uses parabolic reflection to collect radio signals.

The pictures here shows the image of the Arecibo Observatory Antenna.

* It is the largest anntena on earth.

The huge "dish" is 305 m (1000 feet) in diameter, 167 feet deep, and covers an area of about twenty acres.

world's most sensitive radio telescope.