How To Boost Torrent Download Speed?

How To Boost Torrent Download Speed?

Step 1:Download Bitcomet.
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Bitcomet is faster than utorrent.

Step 2:Then Download this Patch & Install it.
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Step 3:Then open Bitcomet Go to Tools>Options>Then Select TCP/IP Limit>
& set New Half-Open Limit to 50.
Select OK.

Step 4:Restart the computer,Open Bitcomet patch ,Select the network card "you use" to connect to the internet& click Accelerate.

Step 5: Add a file to download in Bit comet...then minimize it & wait!

If it shows the same download speed / download time as before ! Don't worry...
If it takes 5 hours to download a movie...after the above method it will take 3-4 hours!!

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